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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one of each breed of horse in the world? This was a childhood dream of mine. Reflecting back on my life, I realize that I have come close. As a young girl, I had the unusual opportunity to work with many horses at the same time. I spent most of my waking hours with horses. There was a ranch at the end of the road that we lived on that ran one of the largest rental strings of its time. There were all sizes and shapes of horses and of course all ages. Just about all breeds, really, from draft to pony and everything in between. The horses had many different backgrounds as well. Some were retired show horses that were usually used as the lesson horses. Some were older horses that had been retired from their jobs as ranch stock because they couldn’t do the cow work anymore. There were backyard wonders that owners had given up on as incorrigibles. The ranch also collected horses that teenagers had grown away from when other interests came along they fancied more.

Bev as a Young Girl Riding Her Horse
Bev as a Young Lady Riding English Pleasure

There was no better learning ground for me than to have all this available on a large scale. All on display, the obvious differences between horses. I watched how they got along with each other. I watched as a horse “changed” with the change in riders. I saw them become passive with a passive rider and aggressive or defensive when a harsh rider came along. I studied them. The temperament and personalities were many. I observed small and large changes made and the changes in the horse. Different equipment, approach, even time of day. And I watched and listened to many “trainers” which came and went for various reasons. I was especially blessed to work with “gifted” horsemen who grew old with the horses. They knew them for the magnificent, hard working, instinctive creatures they are. As a result, I was given a special gift for handling and getting into the mind of the horse. This early exposure and bond with the horses helped me become a well-rounded horsewoman, riding to many top honors in Hunter, Western, Trail, Dressage and Gaited competitions over the years. The horses were my teachers; long before the list of clinicians we have now.

Bev with "Precise"
Bev and "Precise" Riding Western Pleasure

I am often asked the question as to which breed is better, or which one I prefer. From Shetland Ponies to Friesians, from Arabians to Warmbloods, and from Tennessee Walkers to Rocky Mountain horses. My response is always the same. I look for the talent in each horse and ride to his/her best advantage. Evaluating each animal’s unique conformation, athletic ability, and attitude correctly is critical to success. Only with a precise evaluation can one expect a positive end result. Training should not be a breakdown of the horse’s natural behavior, but a complement to it. I never ask for more than the horse is mentally ready for or physically capable of performing. It has been my experience that horses respond both reasonably and willingly to training that respects their instincts. From the trail to the show ring the horse just wants to be treated fairly and with respect for his abilities and sensitivities. If as horsemen we can do that, then the horse does not care what you wear! My job and yours is to be an effective rider. To have a relationship with your horse that allows him/her to be a horse. My goal has never been to “break” a horse, but to gently school him/her to be a companion in a sport of choice. All breeds are good; as a matter of fact they are “All Good Horses”.

Bev and Ed Frost on their horses "Lucky" and "Country"

Bev is retired from training and lives on her ranch in Placerville, California with her husband Ed and their two Rockies, Country and Caroline. Boarding is offered to retired and semi-retired horses of various breeds.
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